If ever in Northbrook, Ontario – needless to say North of 7, then you might want to experience a little place called “Spill the Beans” for a cup of coffee with a twist.
We were still in the process of moving in, famished, tired and longing for a strong cup of coffee that would bring back the lost senses after an extra-long day. We found this little place with an interesting name and decided to just walk in.
Walking in is like being transported to a different time zone that you once knew, but somehow forgot; its nostalgic and peaceful in way that would appeal to anyone, it definitely appealed to us. The Google reviews for the place are actually quite high, and we immediately knew the reason.
It’s hard to explain the décor, except as eclectic with a whiff of the seventies. There is a strong sense of music with guitars, band pictures and even bagpipes hanging along the walls. As we sat down, Mike and I had our eyes rolling around sweeping the different walls and corners of the place. There was no focal point, no point of large interest, but, somehow, it worked. In this little place where coffee definitely did not disappoint, we were entertained with the knick-knack of items from seventies crochet magazines to the fish tank and music instruments. It was a delightful take from the elegant city-life to a more nostalgic era of simplicity and functionality.
Even the music is different from what we now continuously listen to on the radios; it is a good mix from the different eras of music which added to the feel and charm of the place.
If you have enough time, wait and chat with John, the owner, a sweet man with a whole lot of knowledge of the area and surrounding. This, if I might say, was the highlight of our visit. It was past closing time, and John, having finished cooking, just locked the doors and there we sat for an additional hour just chatting; delightful time.
As for us, well, we have been there a few times since that initial visit, and while our eyes eventually grew accustomed to the décor, we are still entertained by the small chats and energized by the coffee.
Till we meet again in “North of 7” I wish you pleasant travel dreams.