Three days after moving to Myers Cave Mike, my husband, and I heard the expression “North of 7”. It made me smile, and I was struggling with a title for the blog, and this expression was just right. We are in fact living North of 7. Naturally that means north of Highway 7. Some might think we are close to Belleville or Peterborough, but we are slightly north of both. In fact we are 1 hour away from the first and around one hour thirty minutes from the second. We are in Cloyne, Ontario.

Cloyne is a little town with a strange charm, it slowly rubs on you. The first time we drove by its main street, which happens to be the Hwy 41, it felt empty, just a few scattered shops on the two side of the highway. But, we soon learned that within those shops are lovely people, and, that a lot happens within the smaller routes that we never knew existed on that first drive.

I am writing this blog just one week after our arrival to our new place, which literally means we are still living in boxes and fishing for our favorite sweaters in bags that are filled to the rim they make me wonder how we ever got them to close, and more often than not I can’t but help wonder why we even shipped them here.
We are often asked how we ended up here, and that is one journey that does create wonder; for we moved, boxes and all, from the dazzling city lights of Dubai into the twinkling stars of North Frontenac with its ultra-black skies and serene lake. With time, I will recount our adventures, but for now, I am just Pressing Start on this blog, giving it a name, and looking forward to the following day.

Every day is a new learning experience for us, and I will share with you every week, what we have learned, hoping that one day, you too will get to see and experience North of 7